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SKÜMBÁÀG: The Vespus Marimba Band

vespus-full.jpg (A quick mention of our newest brothers in Absurdity!
Soon to come - Pictures and More!)

The Vespus Marimba Band

An engaging ensemble of virtuoso musicians who perform traditional Latin, Afro-Cuban and novelty marimba music. Their festive sound features music from Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, and the Caribbean, as well as jazz, ragtime, and classical styles. This summer, Vespus is headed to Sturgeon Bay, WI for the Steel Bridge Songfest '10 with a progam of music that promises to be hot, hot, hot!

This talented group originated in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but is now bringing its unique sound to all corners of North America. Vespus is a one of a kind ensemble with a unique musical accent. Young and old, everyone will love the warm and festive sounds of these instruments.