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SKÜMBÁÀG: Press/Reviews

"My kidneys shattered!"
Matt - KUNM Radio
"Toss the Village People, Metallica, Monty Python, Kermit the Frog, and the Bonzo Dog Band into a blender and turn it on high for three sets"
"A series of weighty machinegun-fire rhythms...If you put King Crimson and Frank Zappa in the same room and asked them to write a song, it would probably sound like a SKUMBAAG original."
Julie Klein - Albuquerque Tribune
"Interesting and talent oozing, satirical and fusionesque metal...A blend of world beat rhythms from Celtic to Greek, combined with blistering speed metal, jazz, and silly lyrics make them a must see for anyone who likes any kind of music, and loves to laugh."
Bonnie Spanogle - The Mic Line
"Tongue-in-cheek has rarely been performed with such precision and grace, and "Music Is The Enemy "should delight those of you who are sick of three-chord songs and bands that take themselves too seriously...Synapse overload."
Michael Henningsen - Nu-City
"Part Mothers...part Monty Python, part GWAR. Original. Theatrical. Medieval. Perverse. Hilarious. Both anachronistic and ahead of their time."
E. Winchester - The Mic Line
"The music will draw you in, and you will begin to get the point which is...pure, inane will love these guys...Something different to fill your lustful spirit...check 'em out soon."
Rick Rave - Music Voice (Phoenix)