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SKÜMBÁÀG: SkumTales (the Bio)

SKÜMBÁÀG - 21st Century Vaudeville

Originally hailing from the Great Desert Southwest, SKÜMBÁÀG is America's original 21st Century Vaudeville Troupe. Much of SKÜMBÁÀG's musical humor, parody, and satire is combined with an aggressive metal-tinged style. The band is also greatly influenced by the work of modern masters such as Cage, Varese, and Stravinsky. In order to perform much of their music SKÜMBÁÀG utilizes not only the traditional tools of the rock and roll band (guitars, bass, drums) but unusual instruments (tape loops, theremin,turntable) deployed in adventuresome orchestrations and arrangements. All this, combined with a history of international pop music styles, outrageous stage antics, and bizarre costumery, make for a stunning and unforgettable musical and theatrical experience.

Cap'n Mee'Po - Guitar, keys, vox, percussion.

Keg McNabb - bass, vox, percussion.

Tiberious Knobbs - Guitar, vox, percussion.

Hovey Cheese Lamptapper - Mallets, vox, percussion, person-dolin, dancing.

DUG - Drums, poetry, theremin, percussion.